Modern British rock, blues, psychedelia

SPINNER is the brainchild of Sammie Harris and Ryan Sams. An originals band from Kent, with ambitions to become the next big thing in Modern British Rock. Step aboard the SPINNER train, to experience an inspired blend of garage rock, blues and psychedelia, from an unsigned band with their eyes on the prize. A feast for the senses, from high energy indie bangers with a twist, to swirling psychedelia and melodic masterpieces, SPINNER has it all. With hints of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, The Doors, The Stone Roses and Oasis, brought bang up to date, SPINNER is the band you’ve been waiting for: the new soundtrack to your life. Sammie Harris, crowd-pleasing front man, with husky soulful vocals and a modern Townshend rhythmic mastery on electric guitar James Greenhow, driving those melodies and adding depth and warmth through a pulsing heart of bass Ryan Sam, skilful yet whimsical Moon-n-Starresque on drums Please visit https://linktr.ee/spinnermusicuk for an appetiser to get the juices flowing, before you get in touch. This could be a new dawn for British Guitar Bands.