The United Stoats of America


The United Stöats of America - Biography A proper live act, The United Stöats of America debut gig was at The Mean Fiddler Country Punk Extravaganza at the Garage in Islington. Instant popularity led to appearances at some of London’s finest venues including The 100 Club, What’s Cooking, The Gypsy Hotel, Subterania and The Hope and Anchor. Legendary festival appearances followed at Beautiful Days, Guilfest, Glastonbury, Bestival and many more. In true punk style The Stöats refuse to appear on TV or sign to a major record company and have never been reviewed in any of the music papers. They have got where they are today purely on their own efforts and the word of mouth support of their fans Julie and Geoffrey Rogers of 20 Woodbines Avenue, Marlborough, Kent. The Stöats set arrived from them spotting that tunes by The Black Eyed Peas, The Scissor Sisters, Mary Hopkins, Atomic Kitten, U2, Roberta Flack and Queen are rollicking hillbilly tunes that were being played with the wrong instruments. Artists like Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves and Hank Williams had some great ideas for songs, but didn’t really exploit their full potential. The Stöats take the essence of bluegrass, rockabilly & skiffle, add some rock solid drumming, a gallon of cider and transition other people songs into something that mere words cannot describe. “Quite professional” Melanie Stovell – The British Meat Foundation. Live at Guilfest in 2005 they hired a plane to fly over the site advertising their appearance and then were joined on stage by a shed load of special guests including Jake the Leveller’s sound engineer, Betty Swollocks, a drag artist, The Fabulous Fez Heads with 2 belly dancers, a bald giant painted in the stars and stripes and a stuffed camel, for one of the most bizarre shows of the festival. Discography: Star Spangled Bangers Star Spangled Bangers | The United Stöats Of America ( Debut CD Recorded at Levellers Metway Studio Brighton Live at Subterania Video: Spotify: Facebook: Line up J. Y. Kelly – Fiddle, vocals. Arthur Fuxache - Double Bass. Paul McCassockoff - Guitar, vocals. Sonny “Arthur” Noone - Mandolin, vocals. Pluck Chivers - Banjo. Nobby “Thimbles” Coggins (Jnr) – Washboard, vocals. Lou Stools - Drums. Information & complaints 07917 125026